Driving tips to avoid road mishaps while traveling abroad

There have been a series of reports recently about major road mishaps abroad and authorities have been reminding us of the safety considerations we must not forget when driving in other countries:


Driver slower than your usual pace back home. Remember that you will be negotiating with unfamiliar roads so extra caution is necessary. Follow the speed limits within towns, cities, and expressways. You will be facing hefty fines if you will be pulled over for over speeding.

Safety Kit

Research well ahead the list of items you need for your road safety kit when you travel abroad. Most countries will require the emergency reflective triangles and spare bulbs while others might even require you to have a breathalyser.


When you are involved in a road incident, do not immediately admit any liability or fault, or apologize to another party. You will be most likely be blamed being the foreigner. Get the information of as much witness as you can and report the incident to the police. You also need to contact your insurer and take pictures of the damages to your vehicle.


Make sure you have stop overs instead of driving for long hours especially on empty highways. It will also be best if you can assign an alternate driver from your group.

Local traffic rules and practices

Be sure to do your homework and know the traffic rules implemented on your destination. Also research for common practices and etiquette on the road as practiced by local drivers.


Most insurance companies will require vehicle owners to contact them if you are bringing your vehicle abroad. Most likely you will be covered but some will require you to upgrade you insurance during the trip.

Published by Jerome Bishop