Party Poker Bankroll

You won’t play on software that’s tilting you a perfect example looked at the party poker bankroll challenge compared to the betfair bankroll challenge even if I had a great bonus going on party now what I had to switch to Becker because I was so talented playing on the old party poker software that I just couldn’t play my best game and you should never sacrifice quality of play for a bonus and yeah that that will about wrap it up for the presentation don’t let your bonus trap you your you just handle your bones you own the box the wellness does not own you and yeah that’s sort of X saved by bonus point and I think it is a fantastic thing it’s something that a lot of new people to poker don’t understand but the important thing is don’t overshoot it don’t overdo it so if you’re a five or 10 nl player you know take like a fifty-dollar bones maybe a hundred dollar bonus. Get more info on great bonuses at CasinoSlots.

Do not try to like take a five hundred or thousand dollar bonus just because you saw it and the trick is let’s say there’s a five hundred percent match and you up to like a thousand dollars and you only want a hundred dollar bonus you got do your math you’re going to have five hundred percent match on whatever you deposit so if you want a hundred dollar bonus you would deposit many dollars $20 times five hundred percent is a thousand is a hundred hundred dollars now that’s not to say that you can only play with twenty dollars the way to take advantage of this system is look at the clearing rate decide how big of a bonus you want to get for your first deposit when you use that code deposit the amount that will get you the bonus you want to work on and then once that bonus has been activated then you can make another deposit to give you the bankroll that you want to work with if you know the amount you had to deposit to get the bonus was different than you know the maximum amounts.

A lot of times people might deposit they can get a six hundred percent match bonus and end up having this massive bonus that there is no way that they can clear because they just didn’t think one step ahead so you know as always take your time before you make that initial deposit because once you’ve created that account and once you made that deposit that’s the one you get on that site for life so you want to make sure you get the maximum out of the bonuses out of the VIP system promotional system rakeback maybe for the sites that have it you know do your due diligence and do your homework before you sign up because that extra little bit of work you put in before you sign up is going to be extra money in your pocket.

Published by Jerome Bishop